A Ritual By the Sea

Over a year ago, I wrote something called Barcelona Begins, where I turned my two-week trip to visit a person who changed my life without realizing it a couple months earlier into a sort of poetic catalog of the beautiful, mystical energy we created together during my time here. I remember how easy it was to talk to him, how nervous I felt to kiss him, how I loved being so nervous because I could feel how good he was in the soulest part of his soul. I saw him again when he went to Mexico City for Christmas. I saw him again when I came back to Barcelona from Mexico for a long weekend because I was craving that mystical energy so much that no amount of flight time would make those few days not worth it. I saw him another time in the sweatiest part of summer, when it started to sink in that I was moving to this city soon, when I could sense the anxiety he felt about that, when his roommates welcomed me like family into their home and turned quickly into my friends, when we slept without a fan in his room, so the sweat pooled on us without moving, which could have been really uncomfortable, but instead we slept with our arms and legs like pretzels, heat be damned.

Now I’ve been living in Barcelona for six months, and the mystical energy has become something like daily magic in my life. Not just because I am in love with him. It’s actually that my whole life is now surrounded by people that inspire me infinitely, mostly thanks to him, which helps to make me the me I’ve always wanted to be. I realize that may sound super cheesy to say, but I don’t care, because what I’m getting at is that this boy that I am in love with, Omar, and Jaime, one of his amazing roommates I met in the sweaty summer visit, they make music that traverses all the areas of the interior universe. It is profound and personal and fun and complicated and light and dark and so effing beautiful. And they went to the beach at sunrise recently with another amazing human, Eder, to film a live recording of their first official song as Doble Cero. That’s actually why I wrote this blog, to share the video, because I feel so fucking lucky to know them and so fucking proud of them for bringing real magic into the world with what they have created in this music video, what they are creating musically at large. It’s folktronica at it’s finest.

Am I delusioned by bias for the people I love? I don’t think so, no. I have a deep, deep appreciation for music—meaning, I guess, that I am not a casual listener. I can distinguish quality from my feelings. Music can and often does truly affect me. I listen and find myself connecting better with myself, traveling in there, and also with others, out there. Actually, there is nothing else for me to say. I would love it if you watched their video, because they are amazing, and you’re going to see.

The song is called Waiting for the Sun, which is exactly what they did as they broke the dawn that morning at the beach. Lovelovelovelovelove <3