You Had Me At Topography Soundtrack



You Had Me At Topography comes with a custom-made score, or actually, two, one for each different way of reading the book. These scores have been carefully composed with samples from the natural world combined with organic and digital instrumentation, to provide an ambiance meant to enhance the story in the poems much the same way a movie soundtrack adds to a movie. 

If you look in the opening pages of the book, you will see there are two ways to read the book. The files titled Topography 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 reflect the first reading, which is divided into three sections, as the book is. The file titled Topography 2 reflects the second reading of the book. 

The music is a rough guide to follow the flow of the book. There are no songs designated to specific poems, so don’t worry about keeping time with the soundtrack while reading. My suggestion for reading the book with the soundtrack in more than one sitting is to pause the music when you pause reading and jot down the time where the file was paused. When you resume reading, you can simply pick back up where you left off. 

All music in these files is the original creation of musician/producer Omar CT.  His months of work in writing and designing music that would take readers by the hand and guide them into the psyche of the story in these poems has made for a unique and gorgeous accompaniment, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience it creates.


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