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They published a short piece I wrote about Luna called “My Dog Believes in Ghosts.”
Luna is afraid of the wind. I’m not really sure why or how it started, but the first time it became noticeable to me was when we were living in a beautiful old mansion in Buenos Aires, Argentina (the fact that Luna and I have lived together in four countries and eight cities is a story for another time). The mansion belonged to a trio of sisters who had inherited the house and decided to rent out rooms for long-term stays. It had a lot of shutter-style windows. In the summer, the wind provides divine relief from the humidity and overbearing heat, and is often accompanied by thunderstorms. It was always obvious when a thunderstorm was coming because of the huge gusts of wind that blew the windows back and forth, sometimes slamming, a sound that echoed through the house. Luna’s eyes would get huge as she watched the windows moving mysteriously. I think she thought there were ghosts. 
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