An Article in Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal published an article I wrote about Skin on Sundays, why it is important, and what it means to me.

Body image, especially for women, is something that seems to be a constant struggle, and it is built into the project in a way, because writing on a body calls attention to the body that is the canvas—it has to. Sometimes I write on people whose bodies are thin and toned, and sometimes I write on people who have some fat here and there, or even everywhere. The point I want to make in writing on people of all shapes and sizes is that beauty does not have a universal definition. The more we can fight against what we are told to think about how we are supposed to look, the easier it will be to see beauty where the media says it doesn’t exist. 

The most important gift any of us can give is to ourselves, and it is love. If we don’t love ourselves, providing others with love becomes a struggle, if it’s even possible. Making people feel beautiful and showing off all different kinds of beauty is important to me, because perhaps it will help people find a way to give this very important gift to themselves.

Skin on Sundays, then, is more than just poetry and photography. It’s a social movement that uses the medium of poetry written on the body as a canvas to spread valuable messages to a more expansive audience. People who would not normally read poetry have a higher chance of reading it if it is written on someone.

Poetry has the ability to enlighten, inform, comfort, and connect. Especially in this digital age, where fake news and consumerism are rampant, feeding us nonsense and brainwashing us in order to sell, sell, sell, it feels especially imperative to use my passion for art and writing and my voice to contribute something real and honest and positive to the world.


Read the rest of the article, “Skin is the New Canvas: A Poetry Revolution” on Elephant Journal‘s website here.