Elk Public House, 1:37am

Before I can think about it, or
yes this is the way a body thinks

after a few beers, you have me pressed
against the sink, you have my jeans at my ankles, lost

and light in this suddenly
open field, its cool night falling to my

bare shoulders, and some distant birds
with beautiful voices, they’re singing

through the walls of buzzing electronica
stripping the filth from the mirror,

all anatomy in permanent marker
labeled with fat black arrows:

cunt, balls, and fuck me
if you’re in the (area code) 509

melting away like sound muffled underwater
now in this dark field

of grass and stars, yes
keep ignoring the banging on the door

this urgency of being
here, now

barely undressed, this urgency,
you looking at me

the way we watch a fire
burn down a forest.


Penduline Press2013