Feature Friday: @jessandthesea

P: What value does reading add to both your personal and professional life?
J: Reading makes me happier and smarter and more well-adjusted. It’s like getting to know a person or a feeling or a situation from the inside as if I am experiencing it. That’s why I think people who read a lot tend to have insight regarding psychology and interpersonal relationships that doesn’t come from any kind of formal study. The more time I actively spend analyzing the thoughts and feelings and behavior of others, no matter real or fictional, found in a live experience or a book, the better an understanding I will have about how the world works. I mostly write about how the world works in some way or another, so having that extra insight gained from reading fuels not only how I write, but what I write.

TheProse.com interview: discourse on writing life and Sex on Sundaze and how my parents helped shape me into the writer I have become, et cetera.

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