Feature of Skin on Sundays in Konbini

Konbini is a worldwide source of pop culture. Based in New York, Mexico City, London and Paris. In an article titled, “This Artist Uses Human Bodies As Canvases For Sharing Poetry,” Skin on Sundays was featured.

Nowadays, finding a middle ground between art and the digital world has become quite a challenge. However, if we keep our senses open and recover our capacity to be surprised, we will notice that “poetry is everywhere”.

This is exactly what nomadic American artist Jessica Lakritz wants us to realize. Currently based in Mexico City, this writer uses human bodies as a canvas for enticing people into reading poetry. After having written her poems on other people’s skins, she photographs them and shares them on her Instagram account, @skinonsundays.

“My hope is that every piece, poetry and photography together, will make a connection with others. Maybe people who have not given poetry a chance.”


Read the rest of the article on Konbini’s website here.