Pye Luis Lyrics

Lyrics for Minneapolis-based minimal electro r&b artist Pye Luis.

“Soft Crush” is the first single to the upcoming EP.

The lyrics for the EP were written with the theme of regulated loneliness in mind.


Soft Crush

I saw a pearl in the lake
Floating miles from its home
That’s you 
Am I the narcissist
Am I the wolf at the shore
Or are you with me on this one?

I made a list of reasons
To think about you all day
You are the breeze on
The beach and I am gonna float away
And I don’t mind if you do
Make a list for me too

I found the stars all ablaze
Falling fast
Brushing every piece
Of space
With their trails
That’s me wondering, wondering

What would be your reasons
To think about me all day
Who wouldn’t want your breeze on
The beach of their every night and day
And I am floating to you
Are you with me there too