Skin on Sundays

I write poetry on people’s bodies, and shoot photos of the results. This is Skin on Sundays. This is physiopoetry.

I post a formal new episode every Sunday. On the project’s ever-growing Instagram feed, posts are made 3-5 times a week.

The poems and words are inspired by the people they are written on, often focusing on issues that I feel can be more than entertaining, but of service to the soul. This includes things like body image, race/sex/class, bullying, mental health, and spirituality in the contemporary world. I write mini-bios for each episode, including something about the model, the background of the shoot, or anything else that might seem relevant in telling the story of the episode. The purpose is to show vulnerability, to show honesty, to portray the people in the world as they are through the photo and the poem that is written on them. The connection I make with my canvases during the process of writing on them is intimate and vulnerable. I hope I can make that connection with the world as well.

I’ve been doing this project for over 2 years now, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. It has been such a fulfilling addition to my life, not just the art, but meeting all kinds of people that I might not have met otherwise, and finding a way to talk publicly about the things I think are important.